Ashman Bank

Revealing a better way
The Challenge

Ashman Bank. They wanted to become the UK’s first sustainably minded bank providing support for property SMEs — adding a savings option for conscious consumers on top. Ambitious. The founders, both ex-developers, had experienced first-hand the underserving of SMEs, and after receiving their banking license (authorised with restrictions), they needed an identity to help them reveal their new way forward for lenders and savers.

Our Idea

For property SMEs, it feels like the world is forever putting barriers in the way. They often run into walls faster than they can build them. And for savers, options for putting money away sustainably are severely limited. But Ashman, the bank built to open doors, illuminates the way ahead. Inciting action in a stagnating world, they clear the clunk. No more ‘computer says no’. Regional exclusion — gone. Goodbye, unthoughtful building practices. Our creative platform ‘Making better happen’ allowed Ashman to grow into a revelatory brand where clever use of light and a defiant voice reveal the way through the weeds — speaking directly to the needs of developers and conscientious savers, UK-wide.