UEFA Champion’s League

Light up the night — Capturing the emotion of football’s showpiece final
The challenge

In 2021, the Champion’s League final heads to St. Petersburg. Our challenge was to create a visual identity for the end-of-season showpiece, through an expression that captured the spirit of the Russian city and of the night itself. One of the most anticipated 90 minutes of football on the planet and a night to never forget.

The idea

Light up the night

The final will take place during the White Nights festival. A three-week celebration that plays out under a sky which never goes completely dark. Our visual is inspired by this vibrant atmosphere, illuminating the traditions of St. Petersburg — the architecture, the history, the port — with the revolutionary sense of creativity that ripples through the city. And which captures the energy and anticipation of the evening itself. Resulting in a firework of human and artistic feeling.

...a blissful sense of liberating non-objectivity drew me forth into a "desert", where nothing is real except feeling...
— "Suprematism", Part II of The Non-Objective World

Illustrated by renowned local artist Maksim Zhestkov, the identity is a combination of his own geometric approach and the Supermatist styles of Russian artists Wassily Kandinsky and Kazimir Malevich. An experimentation of pure shapes extracted from the city, the result is a firework of avant-garde, energetic design, intended to shine long into the night.