What lies ahead for brands Post-Covid?

After hours of conversation with chief marketers from brands of all shapes and sizes, The Other Side report answers one simple question: “What lies ahead for brands post-Covid”?

The answer is not simple. From shattered cohorts to upended understandings of purpose, to a complete reversal in our understanding of how we work and why we do it, the question of what lies ahead is a pertinent and tricky one.

In our report, we explore seven key findings on what our panel predicts lies ahead for brands.

  • How the pandemic resulted in the catalysing of old trends rather than the emergence of new ones, and what this means for those still lagging behind.
  • How the damage caused by Covid has created a deep sense in both brands and consumers that we cannot go back on the hard-wins.
  • How the last year resulted in a clear shift from a more frivolous consumer to one who cares on a more fundamental level, what this means for brands, and how they can capitalise on this going forward. 
  • How, post-Covid, brands are now having to interact with consumers on a more emotional level, bereft of the razzmatazz of in-person interaction. 
  • How the virus forged a sense of renewed purpose all around, and how brands will be expected to continue this going forward.
  • How, due to penned-up spending power and restricted freedoms, there is an expectant boom following the bust of the past year.
  • And finally how, after a year of trauma, brands will have to carefully balance the tone in anything they put out there.

To find out more, email Daniel.Wade@EveryFriday.Studio to receive the report and find out what exactly lies ahead for brands on The Other Side.