The Other Side

Over the last 9 months many brands have found themselves in some genuinely unique and challenging situations. Situations that have placed the brands themselves and the relationships they enjoyed with customers under the microscope. In the process it’s thrown up some big questions that go to the very heart of who they are, the audiences they serve and what they do for them.

It’s challenged previously held assumptions about how things work, it’s forced brands to reinvent themselves and find new ways to deliver on their promise. It’s brought them to the attention of new audiences with different sets of needs and expectations. It’s made them to look at what they do from fresh perspectives and reflect on the promise that’s at the heart of their brand.

So, with some light finally at the end of the tunnel, and as brands turn their attention to how they’ll emerge as on the other side, we’d like to bring together a panel of senior marketeers and brand leaders from across different sectors to discuss the questions being thrown up for brands. Questions such as:

1. How do you evaluate the central promise your brand is built on?

2. If your brand has lost its way, how do return it to first principles?

3. If the role your brand plays in people’s lives has evolved, how do you build on this?

4. How do you find new ways to deliver on your promise for customers?


Join the panel

The first session will be on Thursday 28th January, via Zoom, between 8am and 9am and will operate under Chatham House Rules.

If you’re interested in taking part, please email and we will follow up with further details.

If you’re not available for the January session, but would be interested in the next session on Wednesday 24th February, then let us know.