The Uncommon

It’s bubblin’ - Launching a sparkling wine in a can
The challenge

The Uncommon created a new way of drinking wine, so we felt there was a need for a new way to talk about it. It was time to take away the silver spoon, and the old floral clichés and find a new voice.

Our idea
It’s bubblin’- A social first campaign inviting people from all walks of life to describe wine their own way. An unexpected, democratic approach that everyone could get involved with, from champagne connoisseurs to Kings Cross commuters. A campaign that brought down the barriers around wine and let everyone enjoy it and describe it in their own words.
To show you don’t need to know anything about the fruitiness or notes of wine, we asked four influencers — Mark Large (@1lrg), Lisa Lloyd (@lisa_lloydpaper), Cat Hepburn (@cathepburnwrite) and Paula Sutton (@hillhousevintage) — to express the taste, the design and the feeling of The Uncommon in their own unique way.