Vino Vero

Trolling big wine
The challenge

How do you stop wine drinkers sleepwalking towards the same
old bottle of mass-produced, chemically grown, planet-damaging wine? How do you steer them away from bottles of red and white that satisfy nothing but the margins of multi-national conglomerates who care more for smiling shareholders than for the ethics of their wine? With a fucking-great wake-up call and some dark art.

Our idea

Don't be a wine zombie

Stop trawling the aisles like the walking dead. “Don’t be a wine zombie” — brought (back) to life and (re)animated by Rob Pybus. A colourfully gruesome visual that we drove right up outside Waitrose and Majestic across London and Essex. No, we didn’t ask. It turns wine drinkers’ heads and shows them the beauty of independent wine. Finally, something infinitely more interesting to bring to the table.